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Prostate Cancer UK visits our Cancer Champions

Lingen Davies’ and Qube’s work to raise awareness about cancer in the wider community was recognised recently when Prostate Cancer UK delivered an in-depth training session for volunteers.

The presentation was attended by more than a dozen cancer champions – recruited throughout the county by our Cancer Champ Coordinators Michelle and Holly. Attendees were given key points and information about prostate cancer to help inform their work – raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of cancer amongst their peers.

Unlike with many other cancers prostate cancer does not have obvious signs and symptoms, men are urged to be aware of their RISK. For instance data shows that 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime, but for black men the risk becomes 1 in 4.

Miranda Ashwell, the Lingen Davies LiveLife Project Lead, who is steering the Cancer Champions work said hosting this event for the national prostate cancer charity is a nod to the work being carried out by Lingen Davies in partnership with Qube and NHS Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.

“We were very pleased to welcome Kathleen from Prostate Cancer UK. To hear from someone working on the national scale is a privilege for us and our cancer champion volunteers.

“We work to raise awareness about cancer, about the signs and symptoms of cancer, and encourage people to better understand how to look after themselves. Hearing about the risks associated with prostate cancer really brought it home that not all cancers come with symptoms.”

To find out more about prostate cancer and take a 30 second risk check visit the website: Check your risk in 30 seconds | Prostate Cancer UK

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